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A hand-blown glass, whose development involved leading Czech sommeliers and which marks an evolutionary shift from the so-called bowls and flutes used in the past for sparkling wines. As the name suggests, Auriga 380 ml will ensure the best perceptual enjoyment of champagne. It can also be used for other types of sparkling wines, especially young ones (so-called non-vintage, young vintage).


All Květnáproducts are handmade, therefore each piece is unique. You may encounter minor imperfections, such as small bubbles or minor surface irregularities, which are only an evidence of handmade production and do not detract from the beauty or functionality of the product.


The composition of our glass melt, from which the clear glass is melted, contains titanium. Titanium makes each piece of clear glass much harder and more durable while maintaining the same flexibility and lightness!


80mm x H245mm

Kvetna Auriga Champagne (Set of 2, 380ml)

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